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Nok Oil Seal | Catalogue for NOK Seals - A2Z SealsNOK Oil Seals are used for sealing around a rotating shaft and keeping an oily fluid inside the engine, axle, etc. NOK Seals have various applications based on NOK Complete Oil Seal CatalogueNOK complete Oil Seal catalogue. Genuine NOK seals supplied from Sealparts in the UK. Global shipping of SC SB TC TB TCK VC VB KC KB TCV.
NOK Oil Seals | MISUMIRubber rotation seal. Enclosed inner side, open outer side with dust lip.  Seal, Single Lip, Outer Periphery Rubber for Rotation.  Pressure Resistant Oil Seal Oil seals |Seal products - NOK CORPORATIONNOK offers a wide variety of seal products of very high reliability, including oil seals, based on its constant and focused research on materials, workings, and 

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
AP1260E NOK OIL SEAL 100 mm 140 mm 16 mm 1 mm
AP1904F NOK OIL SEAL 210 mm 380 mm 40 mm 2.5 mm
AP2085A NOK OIL SEAL 210 mm 380 mm 40 mm 2.5 mm
AE3409A NOK SEAL 5-7/16 in High Temperature Packing Split Cylindrical Retained Type Take-Up
AP2668G NOK OIL SEAL 210 mm 380 mm 40 mm 2.5 mm
AP2085G NOK OIL SEAL 170 mm 220 mm 20 mm 1.5 mm
UP0450E NOK SEAL 160 mm 295 mm 35 mm 2 mm
AH2057R NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 115 mm 240 mm 28 mm 1.5 mm
AE1666F NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 130 mm 190 mm 25 mm 1.5 mm
TC12015014 NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 120 mm 180 mm 25 mm 1.5 mm
BQ4463E NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 675 673 Imperial 6.6919 in
BH3888E NOK MECHANICAL SEAL 110 mm 160 mm 20 mm 1 mm